June 1, 2009-Ahmadinejad May Be Defeated in Election

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 1, 2009-Ahmadinejad May Be Defeated in Election-

A bomb was placed in a plane carrying former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to Teheran from Riyad. Khatami is the leading supporter of Hossein Mousavi, the reform candidate that has been gaining support in Iran recently. Accusations that seemed widely believed have been leveled against the supporters of Ahmadinejad. Independent observers now believe that Mousavi has real chance of unseating Ahmadinejed in the election. It could of course be just wishful thinking. The election takes place on Friday.

The Netanyahu government removed another illegal outpost last night. The result: near violent protest at the entrance to Jerusalem blocking the road for a short period. They are trying to make it clear that Netanyahu will pay a price for any concession he makes.

The White House has been dropping hints that unless the Netanyahu agrees to a settlement freeze it will find ways to punish Israel. Reports are that the US will withdraw its automatic support for Israel at the UN. The Obama administration would be attempting to pass a message to the Israeli people over the heads of the governmen

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