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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 26, 2008 Qassams Rain Down, Shas Give Aways?

Qassams rained down on Sderot and on Ashkelon tonight. One person was killed outside of Sderot at the Sapir College. More problematic, one Grad rocket hit the Barzali hospital in Ashkelon. Neither the hospital nor anything else in Ashkelon has any armor, nor was any warning given of a launch of a missile. The attacks were in response to the killing of a number of Hamas members by Israel today. The Hamas members who were killed were some of the key people involved in the missile production. Hamas is making it clear that it will respond to any killing of its members with attacks on Israel. Itís a war and unfortunately there is no choice but to fight this war.

Every time Prime Minister Olmert talks about peace he has to pay a price to Shas. First in order keep them in the coalition he had to reopen the Ministry of Religion, then he was forced to agree to give additional power to the religious courts, now he is supporting their plan for internet censorship. Peace may be worth making concession to Shas, but just to talk about talking is costing way too much.