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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 11, 2008 The Plight of Sderot

Sderot residents' political actions took center stage today in Israel. They have decided after the events of this past weekend that they are unwilling to stay silent any longer. They demonstrated in Tel Aviv by blocking highways and streets and moved their demonstration to Jerusalem, where they have established a tent opposite Prime Minister Olmertís home. The PM is not home but in Germany and Minister of Defense Barak is in Turkey.

The problem with Sderot and Gaza remains very difficult. Current Minister of Transportation and former Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz called for a campaign to assassinate all of the leaders of Hamas. When asked if that includes the political leaders, he answered that there are no political leaders in terrorist organizations. Of course any action like he suggests, even if it works will in the short term, will result in more bombardments on Sederot.

Interesting and somewhat problematic, the Keren Hayedidut (Friendship Fund, based in Chicago and Jerusalem) is an organization funded by Christian American, has received many requests for help from residents of Sderot who want to leave for the moment but cannot afford to pay their mortgage and still pay for rent in a new place. This is very difficult. It is hard to suggest that people leave their homes because the army cannot defend them, but at the moment Israel has been unable to come up with a proper solution.