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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 5, 2008- Suicide Bomber was From Hebron

It turns out that yesterday's suicide bombing in Dimona was carried out by a Hamas member living in Hebron. The border fence has not been finished around the Hebron Hills. The fact that Hamas was able to send out a bomber from Hebron is considered a slap in the face of Palestinian Authority and shows how Hamas is successfully undermining them in parts of the West Bank.

The situation along Gaza made a turn for the worse, with Israeli and Hamas exchanging fire. Six people were injured in Sderot when a series of rockets hit the city today. Israel attacked a Hamas police station in Gaza, killing seven people. It is unclear whether things will spiral further out of control in the coming days.

Egypt is once again pressing to increase the number of Egyptian troops allowed on the Israeli border. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is supporting the request, however the Ministry of Defense is objecting. Why they are objecting is not clear, other then a fear of a precedent. It is clear that it is in both IsraelÌs and Egypt's interest to have more troops along the border.