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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 24, 2008 US Government Goes Public With Story of Israels Attack on Syrian Reactor

This day remained active on the IsraeliñSyrian front, both in Washington and back on the diplomatic front from Syria. In Washington, in closed intelligence briefings, the CIA screened video (supposedly taken by an Israeli spy) inside the Syrian nuclear installation. The video clearly showed the nuclear reactor, as well as, North Koreans who were helping in the reactorís construction. This evidence was the smoking gun that convinced Israel to attack and persuaded the US to give the Israeli operation the green light. The US government denies giving the green light, In their press briefing US government officials cliam that the Syrian facility was only weeks away from becoming active.

Meanwhile, to counteract the bad publicity in Washington, Syrian President Assad stated today he had received a message from Prime Minister Olmert that Israel was willing to give back all of the Golan Heights, in return for peace and certain other conditions. This is the first time that a Syrian leader has publically made such a statement. Israeli sources, while confirming Olmertís message, dismiss the likelihood Assad is really ready for peace. The sources claim other Arab states say Syria is not willing to break with Iran. Others claim that until a new administration comes to power nothing is likely to happen.

Today is Ron Aradís 50th birthday. He has been missing now for over 25 years. He was clearly captured during the First Lebanon War, but has not been heard from since. His friends from Flight School celebrated his birthday together