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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 23, 2008 Israeli Strike on Syrian Nuclear Facility Last September to be Confirmed

CNN and the Israeli media have reported that tomorrow the CIA is going to give testimony to Congress regarding IsraelĂ­s destruction of a nuclear reactor in Syria seven months ago that was going to be used to enrich plutonium. Israel and the United States have successfully avoided confirming the incident that was reported here on September 9, 2007. It looks like tomorrow there will be official confirmation.

This confirmation is coming when there are suddenly peace signs from Syria. Assad recently said that a friendly third state (Turkey) has been involved in mediating between Israel and Syria. Today, a semi-official news agency announced that Prime Minister Olmert has given assurances to President Assad that Israel will withdraw fully from the Golan Heights in return for peace. It is not totally clear why Assad has suddenly changed his tune and is talking peace, but the tunes of peace are also taking place in Lebanon. There, all the groups have met and agreed to reach an agreement. It was said that Syria is no longer being an obstacle to that agreement.

More details have come forth about Ben-Ami Kadish. Kadish served in the American army during World War II and then volunteered to serve in Machal in 1948. He returned to the US after that. He has a brother living in Israel. It would seem that the FBI decided to reopen everything related to the Pollard case while it was investigating the AIPAC case. Information regarding Kadish was discovered, but the FBI could not do anything about it since the statue of limitations has expired. It seems that the FBI intercepted a call between Kadish and his Israeli handler from 25 years ago. It then used an interesting legal theory to claim that there was ongoing conspiracy, thus the statue of limitations no longer applies. I wonder if they had a special warrant to intercept his calls or perhaps they used the Patriot Act?