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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 22, 2008 Eighty-Four Year Old Arrested For Spying for Israel Over Twenty Year Ago

The US government has arrested Ben-Ami Kadish, an 84 year old mechanical engineer from New Jersey, and is accusing him of spying for Israel. The alleged spying is said to have taken place in the early 1980ís, during the same time that Jonathan Pollard was spying for Israel. It is said that the same handler was responsible for both Kadish and Pollard.

It is hard to understand why a case that took place over twenty years ago is suddenly being brought up. Somebody in the Department of Justice or in the FBI clearly has been working overtime looking for Israeli spies. The ongoing attempt to criminalize former AIPAC staffers for doing what Washington lobbyists and journalists do every day shows that somebody undoubtedly is determined to undermine Israel and the organized Jewish community.

There is more and more talk of some sort of understanding between Israel and Hamas. It would seem that Hamas is willing to agree to a Tahadia, a ceasefire, that would not include the West Bank. That has been the stumbling block until now, as Israel and the Palestinian Authority have not been willing to agree not to take action against Hamas and the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank. Hamas, at this point, is desperate to open the border crossing. Unfortunately, it would seem that under these terms Israel has no choice but to agree since Egypt has made it clear that if Israel does not agree, it will unilaterally open a crossing between Gaza and Egypt.