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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 9, 2008 Why Did the Palestinians Attack Today?

Palestinians attacked at the oil terminal on the Gaza Israel border... They killed two workers... When they attempted to escape- two were killed on the way back across the border, while another was killed and the fourth wounded in a car as they continued on their way into Gaza... It would seem that the attackers had dual aims: to try to capture an Israeli soldier, in order to use him in leverage in trying to get a deal for Gilad Shalit; and trying to close the oil terminal.

The current status quo is not good for Hamas...In the last few days they have stopped taking oil from the terminal and are hoping that by attacking it Israel will close it... They are hoping to increase the pressure of public opinion on Israel, while at the same time, turn the anger of the Gazans on the Egyptians again... Sources believe that Hamas is, once again, planning to try to break through the newly reconstructed Egyptian border. The Egyptian army has been given orders to open fire on demonstrators that get too close to the border .In the meantime, rioting continues in Egypt, in which two people have been killed so far. The Egyptians believe that these two events are connected.