October 5, 2009 Temple Mount Riots- Again

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

October 13, 2009 - Hezbollah Lies About Rocket Storage in South Lebanon- Good News in Science and Technology

Yesterday there was another explosion in Southern Lebanon at what turned out to be a Hezbollah arms cache in a building in Lebanese village. The Hezbollah lied, as usual, claiming it was not an arms cache, (the existence of which would violate the ceasefire agreement that ended the second Lebanon War.) Today, the IDF released a video proving the explosion took place in a military storage facility. As soon as the explosion took place the IDF sent a drone to observe what was taking place. The video taken from the drone clearly shows Hezbollah blocking off the area and sending in trucks. The trucks are then shown being loaded with rockets and missiles. The trucks are then followed to a different village and onto a different storage facility. Israeli intelligence officials believe Hezbollah has rockets and missiles stored in 300 locations in Southern Lebanon, and that Syria continues to supply Hezbollah almost daily.

A few areas of good news from Israel all in science and technology: The Israeli cancer society released figures today for the five-year survivability rate for Cancer patients in Israel. The date showed that Israel ranked at the top worldwide ranking statistically, indistinguishable from the other lead nations. It shows that men have 61.7% survival rate and women 67% survival rate five years after cancer was detected in Israel. The difference probably relates to the fact the survival rate is over 80% for breast cancer, which overwhelmingly affects women. Israel has the highest screen rate for breast cancer in the world.

In technology two interesting pieces of news: First, and Israeli company, CopperGate, sold itself for $200 million. This follows a pattern of Israeli companies that have sold themselves as soon as they become mid-sized.

An Israeli company showing off its technology that is able to identify pedestrians who step in front of cars made a different, further announcement. After the initial identification, the computer then takes control and automatically stops the car, after giving the driver a short warning. It was announced today that Volvo has agreed to purchase the technology to include in Volvo cars.

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