September 14, 2010 Talks Held Today in Sharm el Sheik Tomorrow in Jerusalem

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

September 14, 2010 Talks Held Today in Sharm el Sheik Tomorrow in Jerusalem

The second round of peace talks took place today between Israel and the Palestinians. Despite low expectations in the days running up to the talks, today's talks seem to have been productive, and most important and interesting Abbas and Netanyahu are meeting again tomorrow. Clearly on the most basic level Netayahu and Abbas seem to be getting along, and while no one is sure how the issue of the settlement freeze will be resolved there is a sense that it will be resolved. It was interesting to hear the reactions of two very different Likud ministers to what should be done at the end of the freeze. Silvan Shalom, who still fantasizes about becoming the leader of the Likud, stated that the settlement building should resume in full force- since that was what the Likud was elected to do. On the other hand, Michael Eitan stated that they were not elected to do only what the Likud voters wanted, but also what is good for the country. Eitan further states that if a continued freeze was what was good for the country then that is what should be done.

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