November 9, 2009 - A Depressing State of Affairs

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 16, 2009 - Palestinians Talk Unilateral Statehood-

Today the IAEC released its report on its inspection of the secret nuclear facility near Qum, Iran. The IAEC confirmed the American reports that the facility was built for the secret production of nuclear weaponry, as it was too small for the production of civilian nuclear fuel. The report raised concerns that Iran was building additional secret facilities that the IAEC was unaware of. The report is the last one under the leadership of the Mohamd Erbaradi. The IAEC also issued an urgent report on the findings of highly enriched nuclear material in Syria and demanded the immediate inspection of a research facility near Damascus. It also confirmed that the site that Israel bombed indeed was being used for the production of fissionable material. It seems that the Syrian nuclear program that Israeli destroyed was much more extensive than was previously known.

It seems at first blush that President Obama has been successful in getting the Russians to go along with tougher sanction on the Iranians. Iran's inability to respond to the proposal that the Russians authored has surprised me. I had expected a yes with endless haggling over the details. Instead, the Iranians have not given any answer. Obama is meeting with the Chinese over the next two days. If he can convince them to go along with sanction against the Iranians, the plan might have a chance. It is part of larger question as to what roll the Chinese want to play in the world. Until now they have been content to be user of the global commons, furthering their mercantile interests, while not willing to pay to price of maintaining the system in any way. This will be a test of their willingness to take actions that might not be in their immediate economic interest, but may be in the long term interest of global stability which they gain from.

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