May 24, 2010 10th Anniversary of Israeli Pullout From Lebanon

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

May 24, 2010 10th Anniversary of Israeli Pullout From Lebanon

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Israeli pull out from Lebanon. As one Israeli commentator stated: "We left Lebanon, but we did not get Lebanon out of us." The hope was, once the withdrawal took place, Israel would be at peace with its Northern Neighbor. Instead, just the opposite has happened. Hezbollah of Lebanon is now Israel 's most dangerous enemy. Israeli TV showed a clip of then Prime Minister Barak stating that "no one in Lebanon would dare attack Israel once Israel withdrew." Clearly not a threat that worked.

Police recommended today that Foreign Minister Lieberman be charged with a crime from actions that stem from the original investigation into his actions. The police have previously recommended a number of times that Lieberman be charged. The State Prosecutor's Office has been evaluating the many charges for months now. It's clearly a dysfunctional system. It is really hard to believe that a person who the police have been investigating for a full range of crimes over the last ten years, and who they have recommended be charged, is currently serving as Foreign Minister. It would be one thing if this person had "Abba Eban like" rhetorical or diplomatic skills. However, since all Lieberman has succesfully done since he took office is insult foreign diplomats, it shows-- once again-- how Israel’s dysfunctional electoral system allows the most clearly unqualified individuals take on key positions in the government.

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