May 3, 2010- Proximity Talks To Begin, Tel Aviv Mayor Speaks Out Against Funding Charedi Education

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

May 4, 2010- Hezbollah Receiving More Advance Missiles- Achmedinejad in NY

The Head of Research of the IDF Army Intelligence Division testified before the Knesset Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee. His testimony dominated Israeli newscast today. In it he said that the scud missiles Hezbollah had received from the Syrians were just the tip of the iceberg and that Hezbollah is also receiving solid fueled accurate rockets that can hit any location in Israel. This would be a true strategic security threat to Israel if this is the case. There has also been discussion as to whether Hezbollah has received, or is going to receive, unconventional weapons. Some intelligence analysts believes that they will not receive unconventional weapons, since that would be considered crossing a red line. Others are not convinced. Lebanese politicians, who until recently were more concerned about obtaining Hezbollah political support have spoken out against Hezbollah's recent level of armaments. They seem genuinely alarmed that Hezbollah's actions could drag Lebanon into an unwanted war. The US has also awoken to the Syrian danger, and has reemployed upon Syria its designation of a "supporter of terrorism" for another year, with the resulting sanctions. Brig. -Gen. Yossi Baidat also ventured beyond his military analysis and stated that both Assad and Abbbas would like to enter into a peace agreement with Israel, but are genuinely convinced that Netanyahu is incapable of reaching an agreement.

Ahmedinejad was in New York for the Conference on Nuclear Disarmament. Fourteen countries actually heeded the call by the Jewish Organization to walk out on Ahmedinejad's speech. Of course the overwhelming majority of delegates stayed. Ahmedinejad gave a one-hour interview last night to Charlie Rose. After listening to the interview with Ahmedinejad, all I can say is he lives in an alternative universe to the one I have spent my life in. His main contention focused on the fact that Iran was not the proliferator of nuclear weapns, rather, it was the US (Since it was the US who used nuclear weapons on Japan 65 years ago.) Ahmedinejad further claimed that Iran is not in violation of any demands of the IAEC and that it has cooperated fully.

After listening to Ahmedinejad last night, I ended up being more frightened than I was before hearing him this time. He truly seems to believe what he says, and anyone who is operating from a set of beliefs, so disconnected from reality, can be equally disconnected from the reality of the consequences of his actions.

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