June 13, 2010 Pressure Rises to Lift Blockade-Despite Advantages It Will Give to Hamas

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

June 13, 2010 Pressure Rises to Lift Blockade-Despite Advantages It Will Give to Hamas

World pressure continues to rise calling for a lifting of the blockade of Gaza. The Palestinian Authority has joined the chorus. The irony of this is that the Palestinian Authority has been supporting the blockade, meant to weaken Hamas. Unfortunately, like most non-democratic regimes, Hamas has been able to wait it out. The world has long forgotten the images of the Hamas military takeover-- and their throwing Palestinian Authority officials from the top stories of buildings. What will be the result of the ending of the blockade? The strengthening of Hamas. There is a fear Hamas could take over the West Bank, something that would end any chance of a peace process. There are some cynical Israeli observers who believe some in the Netanyahu government support easing the blockade for just that reason.

Danny Ayalon was on Fareed Zakaria today. While Ayalon is not always Israel’s strongest spokesman, he did well today. He did something I do not think I have ever heard an Israeli spokesman do. When Zakaria criticized Israel for not allowing certain foods into Gaza, Ayalon agreed and said it was a mistaken policy. He said Israel would change the policy to allow all types of food into Gaza.

One clear gain from the UN sanctions on Iran, the Russians have now made it official they will not deliver the advanced anti-aircraft system ordered by Iran

Two interesting articles appeared in the last few days: One article was written by J. J. Goldberg in the Forward, called: Israel's Choice-- Realpolitik or Kvetching The second article was written by Roger Cohen, a columnist with whom I usually disagree. The piece is entitled: With Modern Folly, Ancient Wisdom

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