February 10, 2010 Pervasive Corruption in the Palestinian Authority Part II

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

February 10, 2010 Pervasive Corruption in the Palestinian Authority Part II

As I expected, yesterday's news of the uncovering of unprecedented levels of corruption in the Palestinian Authority has not been picked up by any of the media. The Palestinian investigator, named Fahmi Shabaneh, reportedly tried to turn over the documents to Al Jazeera or other Arab news media, and they refulsed to accept them. Since Shabaneh has given the evidence to Israel's Channel 10, sources say a contract has been put out on his life. Shabaneh has bought himself a grave and publicly stated he is ready to give his life to bring forth the level of corruption that is pervasive in the authority. According to Israeli channel 10, they have documents showing close to $900 million has been embezzled.

The Palestinians have received more aid per capita than any other group in history. Evidence of widespread embezzlement would explain how so many of them are so poor.

There are reports that the Chinese may have changed their position on sanctions against Iran and may now be willing to support them. We will see whether they are really willing to support serious sanctions, or if they just want to drag out the process.

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