December 15, 2009 Arrest Warrant for Livni in UK, Year Without Casualties, Dentistry, and Iran

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

December 15, 2009 Arrest Warrant for Livni in UK, Year Without Casualties, Dentistry, and Iran

The news in Israel today was dominated by the report that a British court has issued an arrest warrant, for former Israeli Foreign Minister, Livni, for her involvment in Israels War with Hamas in Gaza last winter. The arrest warrant is part of the ongoing campaign in Europe to charge Israelis with war crimes. British law allows any British judge to issue an warrant. Israel has demanded the British change their laws, and today announced that no high ranking Israelis would visit England until that happens.

Yesterday, Hamas celebrated its anniversary in Gaza with a mass demonstration. Hamass Gaza Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, who was long considered a moderate in Hamas, spoke, stating how Hamas would never rest until all of Palestine was liberated.

Meanwhile the IDFs Chief of intellgence summarized the year and the state of threats facing Israel. On the positive side, it has been one of the quietest years in Israels history. No Israelis (army or civilians) were killed this year by actions of an enemy. It's been decades, if not the first time ever that has happened. On the other, hand, Yadlin warned that during this quiet, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Syrians have been arming themselves, especially with missiles. He also stated the Iranians can produce a nuclear weapons within months of their decision to do so. This ties together with the disclosure yesterday of Iranian documents showing that as far back as 2007 it was proceeding with development of Nuclear warheads. The vaunted Obama diplomatic efforts to stop the Iranians seems to have run into a bump, when the Chinese cancelled a meeting scheduled for Friday to discuss additional sanctions.

The Knesset and the Ministry of Health reacted today to an announcement by Deputy Health Minister (effectively the minister), Litzman, that he was transferring funds so that all Israeli children would have free dental care. A decision that in the long run makes sense. While Israel has one of the top medical systems, in terms of outcomes, its dental care is very problematic. According to one report, the average IDF inductee (on arrival) has as many as 12 cavaties, more than three time the rate of children of the same age in other countries. Because of the cost, and limited access, many Israeli kids go without dental care.

The Australian army received delivery today of their new Israeli RPVs for use in the war in Afghanistan. That brings the number of armies using Israeli RPV in Afghanistan to 5. Besides Australia, Germany France, Spain and Canada use Israel made Remote Piloted Vehicles in the skies over Afghanistan.

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