November 29, 2010 Tarmi Pardo to Replace Meir Dagan as Head of Mossad, Thank you Meir Dagan

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 29, 2010 Tarmi Pardo to Replace Meir Dagan as Head of Mossad, Thank you Meir Dagan

Today it was announced that Tamir Pardo will replace Meir Dagan as the head of the Mossad at the end of the year. It is appropriate that the announcement was made today, on the same day that a top Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in Teheran. Israel is, of course, not taking public responsibility for the attack (as has been the case with the other attacks that have taken place during the eight years Dagan has headed the Mossad). However, there is no question that since Dagan assumed his position the Iranian nuclear program has been his number one target. It's amazing how long it has taken Iran to build the bomb, considering all that was achieved in the deserts of new Mexico 55 years ago. At that time not only did the technologies have to be developed, but the scientific theories had yet to be developed as well. There can be no doubt that Israel and the world owe Dagan a great debt of gratitude for successfully delaying Iran's nuclear program for so long.

The wiki leaks that were released yesterday show to what extent the Arab world is united in their fear of Iran. It is also clear that, other than supporting Israeli clandestine actions, there is little the arab world or the West seem able to really do to stop Iran's attempts at gaining the bomb. While it's unlikely Israel can stop them by clandestine means for ever, Israel is only two years away from completing it's three level missile shield, I, at least, put faith in the shield. So maybe Dagan will have bought Israel the time it needed.

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