November 8, 2010 Israeli Policy Seems in Disarray

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

November 8, 2010 Israeli Policy Seems in Disarray

There are days you just have to believe Israel is being run by the greatest group of incompetents in our history. Unfortunately, that is probably not saying much. Sadly, today is one of those days. Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the US. Before any meetings, Netanyahu leaks the fact that without the military option on the table, there is no chance of changing Iran’s nuclear program. The statement was clearly done without any coordination with the US. Within hours, speaking from the other side of the world, Secretary of Defense Gates states that there is no need for a military option. VP Biden then gives a speech at the General Assembly of the Jewish Federation saying that the US will not tolerate a nuclear armed Iran. Then Netanyhu gives a speech to the assembled Jewish leaders stating that a nuclear armed Iran is the greatest threat to Israel. But then, to top it off, what becomes the leading item in the new cycle, is the approval of the construction of 1,000 units of housing in East Jerusalem.

Once again, Netanyahu meets Biden and the meeting is undermined by the announcement of additional construction. Whatever one's views are on the future of building in the West Bank, or in East Jerusalem, (where I am sure the buildings that are being built will remain in Israeli Jerusalem), you cannot underscore the fact that the Iranian threat is THE existential threat to Israel. Why then would you do something so utterly stupid, like announcing new construction, while the Prime Minister is in the US trying to gain US support for Israel’s position on Iran. 

To get further depressed, read the article by Bradley Burson: Bibi, Tom Friedman, and U. S. Jews divesting from Israel

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