April 8, 2011 Hostilities Continue in the South, Iron Dome Continues it Success

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A Daily Analysis
By Marc Schulman

April 8, 2011 Hostilities Continue in the South, Iron Dome Continues it Success

Southern Israel remain in a virtual state of war with over 55 mortars and rockets landing on Israel today. Israel continued to attack Hamas targets in Gaza. Hamas has continued to attack Israel, all in response to the deliberate attack on an Israeli school bus by Hamas on Thursday. The balance of terror has clearly shifted, however, thanks to the Iron Dome defense system. Today it faced its ultimate test, the firing of 3 missiles simultaneously at Ashkelon. In seconds, it notified the army command of the location from which the rockets were being fired and the army successfully attacked that site. They notified the residents of Ashkelon that rockets were on the way so they could seek shelter. Then the missiles were destroyed by the Iron Dome system.

Meanwhile, looking at world media coverage, there has been almost no mention of the attack on the Israeli school bus. Rather, all the coverage has been, first and foremost, on Israel's response in attacking Gaza.

Events in Syria have taken a turn for the worse, at least if you are Assad. Security forces killed at least 22 in the Southern city of Daraa today. The security forces were then forced to flee, as reports indicate that close to 100,000 swarmed into the city in protest from the surrounding villages and towns.

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