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MultiEducatorís products have been designed with the needs of a Homeschoolers in mind. The programs provide in-depth information on American History and World History of the 20th century.

"American History" on 2 CDs is the perfect program to provide an overview of the important events in American History. It covers all of the material required on various standard tests. Any student who masters the material on the CD will walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of American history. All of this is done in an interesting and engaging manner. Parents can download for free a teacher manual for American History.

For students who develop additional interest in specific areas of American history our products on the Revolutionary War, New Nation, Civil War and the Sixties provide in-depth information on those periods.

In addition, MultiEducator produces "World History: 20th Century". This CD provides a comprehensive history of the 20th century. In the Spring it will be joined by CDís on early periods in history.