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The History of Aviation

US Post War Aircraft


The F-15 is a twin-engine, high-performance, all-weather air superiority fighter. First flown on July 27, 1972, the Eagle began entering the Air Force inventory on Nov. 14, 1974. It was the first U.S. fighter to have engine thrust greater than the normal weight of the aircraft, allowing it to accelerate while in a vertical climb. Combining this with a low aircraft weight compared to wing area, Eagle is a highly maneuverable aircraft.

The F-15 has been produced in single-seat and two-seat versions. During Operation Desert Storm F-15Cs conducted counter-air operations over Iraq. They escorted strike aircraft over long distances and scored 36 aerial victories during the conflict. The F-15C was also used to search out and attack "Scud" ballistic missile launchers.

General Characteristics:

* Primary function: fighter
* Builder: McDonnell Douglas
* Span: 42 feet 9 3/4 inches
* Length: 63 feet 9 inches
* Height: 18 feet 7 1/2 inches
* Armament: One M61 A1 20-millimeter Vulcan cannon; four AIM-7 Sparrows, and four AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, plus 15,000 pounds of mixed ordnance carried externally
* Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-100 engines
* Crew: One
* Maximum speed: Over 1,600 mph
* Range: 3,450 statute miles/2,998 nautical miles with external tanks
* Service ceiling: 65,000 feet

General Characteristics:
Overall Length: 62 feet 9 inches (18.9 meters)
Wingspan: 64 feet (19 meters) unswept; 38 feet (11.4 meters) swept
Height: 16 feet (4.8 meters)
Weight: 43,600 lb (19,777 kg) (F-14B)
Speed: Mach 2+
Ceiling: 50,000+ feet
Range: 1600 nm
Power Plants:
F-14A: (2) TF30-414A Afterburning Turbofans with over 40,000 lb Total Thrust
F-14B/D: (2) F110-GE400 Afterburning Turbofans with over 54,000 lb Total Thrust
Sensors: Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (TARPS) LANTIRN Targeting System
Armament: Up to 13,000 pounds to include four Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) [F-14D], AIM-54 Phoenix missile, AIM 7 Sparrow missile, AIM 9 Sidewinder missile , air-to-ground precision strike ordnance, and one M61A1/A2 Vulcan 20mm cannon.
Crew: Two (pilot and radar intercept officer)
Contractor: Northrop Grumman
Date Deployed: First flight: December 1970

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