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The History of Aviation


Sandiego Airport

The airport was created in 1927 and was dedicated in honor of Charles A. Lindbergh on August 16, 1928. There were many significant events at San Diego, including the first controlled-wing flight by John and James Montgomery on August 9, 1883, the world's first seaplane flight made by Glen Curtiss on January 26, 1911, and the first daily scheduled, year-round passenger service was inaugurated in 1925. Other aviation "firsts" were the first flight across an international border, departure of the first around-the world flight and the landing of the first non-stop coast-to coast flight. San Diego played a major part in Charles Lindbergh's historic solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927. The "Spirit of St. Louis" was built in San Diego by Ryan Aircraft and flown, by Lindbergh, to New York on May 10, 1927 from where he made his dramatic crossing. The U. S. Army Corps took control of the field and its operations in 1942.

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