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The History of Aviation


State International Airport: Borispol - Kiev, Ukraine

State International Airport: Borispol - Kiev, Ukraine

The largest airport in the Ukraine, International Airport Borispol, was first opened in May of 1965 on the base of the Borispol Airfield. The Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, and in 1993 the airport became a self-supporting enterprise. Borispol handles the flights of over thirty-two foreign airlines and thirty-eight Ukrainian airlines. In 1995 1,307,699 passengers traveled through. A continued increase in airline traffic necessitated the reconstruction of the main passenger terminal building, and the airport is now capable of handling as many as seven hundred passengers per hour - more than two million passengers a year. The airport's two runways, one of which is currently under construction, will be able to accept all types of aircraft by 1997. Future developments include the addition of a modern cargo terminal, aprons, and a railway link.

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