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The History of Aviation


Copenhagen Airport Denmark

Copenhagen Airport - Denmark

Kastrup Airport, as Copenhagen Airport was originally called, opened on April 20th 1925. It was the first airport in the world designed exclusively for civil traffic. At the time, there were only a few small hangars and two small runways. Flying took place exclusively during the summer months since there were no navigational aids. Improved technology allowed for year around flying in the 1930s. It wasn't long before Copenhagen Airport became the connecting point between the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. German occupation of the country in the 40s put a halt to further developments in Danish civil aviation though. Then, after the war, the airport went on to become an international hub since it suffered very little damage in the course of the war. During the 50's the terminal was extended and air cargo became a part of the business. It became a two-terminal airport in 1969. A beautiful Transfer Shopping Center was added in the 1980s. Work on links to the airport by airway and highway with the Scandinavian peninsula (Sweden and Norway) and with the peninsula of Jutland/Germany should be completed by the end of the decade.

In 1993 12.9 million domestic and international passengers traveled through Copenhagen Airport and more than 244,000 tons of cargo were handled. It is currently serving 10 domestic, 139 international, 105 European, and 34 intercontinental destinations. 12,000 people are directly employed by the airport.

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