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The History of Aviation


Lamber St. Louis Airport

Lambert-St. Louis Airport was named for Major Albert Bond Lambert, the man who, in 1920, decided to turn his hayfield into an airfield. He used his own funds to clear the land and to erect the first hangars. Within eight years the new airfield had become a base for passenger and freight service. Then, in 1927, Lambert offered to sell the site to the city of St. Louis. They accepted and took up ownership 1928. Not long after, it was officially dedicated the "Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport." A new terminal building was added in 1930, and in that same year the airport handled 24,113 arrivals and departures. During the World War II era, the airport was not extensively used, but surrounding St. Louis industries became increasingly aviation oriented. In 1956 St. Louis'current terminal was built , and the most recent addition was made in 1994 when the airport's MetroLink Station, providing service to downtown St. Louis, was opened.

Situated on two thousand acres of land and operated by City of St. Louis, the Lambert St. Louis Airport is the second fastest growing airport in the world. As far as general operations go, it is the sixth busiest airport in the United States. The many airlines Lambert serves, as well as its vendors and service companies currently employ over 19,000 workers. During the past few years it has generated $5 billion in revenue for the St. Louis region. In 1995 the airport handled almost twenty-six million passengers and 519,156 aircraft operations. Over the next few years the airport will undergo renovation which will include an additional parallel runway, more passenger terminal space and increased parking access.

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