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The History of Aviation


National Airport- Washington

In 1931 Charles and Anne Lindbergh made their "North to thr Orient" flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul. In the 1940s the airport was used for air service to Asia. In 1947 Northwest Airlines began the "Great Circle Route" which flew over the Arctic to Japan, China, Korea, and the Philippines shortened the trip to Asia by 2,000 miles. And in the 1970s yhe flights across the Arctic saved hundreds of miles flying to Europe.

Management Operated by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) , which was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1943 and consists of 14 a chairman and 14 commissioners. The mayors of St. Paul and Minneapolis are commissioners.

Flights Nonstop or one-stop same plane flights to nearly 135 U. S. and 15 international destinations, with 454,723 flights.

Air Carriers 8 major U.S. airlines, 2 international, 7 regional, 18 charter and 16 cargo carriers.

Passengers 23.164,874 million

Cargo 378,240 metric tons (cargo and mail)
Employment Provides 113,000 jobs.

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