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The History of Aviation


Logan International, Boston

First dedicated on September 8, 1923 as Boston Airport. In 1923 the airfield was used by World War I pilots from the 101st Squadron, 26th Division Air Service of the Massachuttes National Guard. During 1923 and 1928 the airport was leased to the U.S. Government with the provision that the airport would be kept open for private and commercial use. In 1925 the first commercial hangar was built by Boston Aircraft Corporation and in 1927 the first regularly scheduled commercial passenger services was begun by Colonial Air Transport, a predecessor of American Airlines. In 1948 legislation was passed naming a five-member Sate Airport Management Board to operate the airport. In 1956 the legislature created Massport which took over the ownership and operations of the airport in 1959. It was in that year that the airport was officially renamed the Lieutenent General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport. Between 1964 and 1974 Logan was expanded to it's current size.

Management Owned and operated by the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport). Massport is governed by a seven-member Board appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth for staggered seven-year terms each.

Land 2,400 acres.

Runways A total of 5 - 10,084'; 10,004'; 7,400'; 7,000'; and 2,557'.

Terminals 5 passenger terminals with 84 gates.

Flights 466,327 (including 401,668 domestic, 40,758 international) and 23,901 general aviation.
Carriers Serviced by 56 airlines (21 U.S. certified air carriers, 12 foreign flag carriers, 12 commuter airlines and 11 all cargo carriers). The top carriers ar USAir, Delta, American Airlines and Business Express.

Passengers 24,192,095,( including 20,631,985 domestic, 3,475,753 international and 84,357 general aviation). This made Logan Airport the nation's 13th busiest airport and the world's 20th busiest.

Cargo Air cargo facilities handled 729,501,702 lbs of cargo (568,267,625 domestic and 161,234,077 international) and 140,313,085 lbs of mail (135,145,213 domestic and 5,167,872 international).

Parking 11,068 covered and uncovered spaces.

Employment More than 15,000 aviation-related jobs.

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