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The History of Aviation


Charles Degualle- Paris

ADP (Aéroports de Paris) - Charles de Gaulle Airport

The decision to build Charles de Gaulle Airport was made on January 13, 1964. It took ten years to complete, and the construction period has been well documented. In 1968 construction on the first hangar began, and a 57 meter water tower was erected in just twelve days in 1970. In 1973 , the airport's original name, Roissy Airport, was dropped and that of Charles de Gualle Airport adopted. A month before the death of President Georges Pompidou, on March 8, 1974, the airport was inaugurated by Prime Minister Pierre Mesmer. It was officially opened to the general public on March 13, 1974. By the end of March 1974, airlines such as UTA, Air Africa, Pan Am, Air Canada and JAL had begun to utilize its services. Trains (Roissy-Rail) started to run to and from the airport in 1976, successfully linking the airport with Paris and its suburbs. By 1981, Charles de Gaulle Airport was welcoming almost 11 million travelers annually. Finally, in 1994, visitors were offered the convenience of traveling on TGV (Trains de Grande Vitesse - high speed trains) trains, an option that would provide direct access to all parts of France.

Today Charles de Gaulle is regarded as one of the world's biggest and most important airports. Over 26 million people, 600,000 tons of freight, and 300,000 flights pass through yearly.

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