United Airlines

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The History of Aviation


United Airlines

United Airlines began operations in 1926 carrying mail. In 1927 it carried the first fare paying customers coast to coast. In 1930 United introduced the worlds first airline stewardess. In 1936 it opened the first US flight kitchen to provide in flight food. In 1940 United became the first airline to provide all cargo flights. In 1955 United inaugurated the first coast to coast non stop flights between New York and San Francisco. In 1964 United became the first airline to carry more than 1 billion revenue passenger miles in a month. In 1984 United became the first airline to provde service to all 50 states. In 1986 United completed the purchase of Pan Am's Pacific's routes. In 1990 United began service to Europe. In 1994 the employees of United purchased the airline in an ESOP. In 1995 United was the first airline to introduce 777 service.

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