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The History of Aviation


US Air

US Air was founded in 1939 as All American Aviation Company, bringing air mail service to small western Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley. In 1949 it began passenger service using DC-3’s. In 1953 the name was changed to Allegheny Airlines. In 1965 Allegheny airlines began using Convair 580 service. In 1966 the first jet service was introduced with the debut of its first DC-9. In 1968 Indianapolis based Lake Central Airlines was merged into Allegheny. In 1972 Mohawk airlines merged into the airline. Allegheny airlines changed its name to US Airlines. In 1987 Pacific Southwest Airlines and Piedmont Airlines merged into US air. In 1990 US airlines began international service. 1993 marked a 300 million dollar investment by the British airlines into US Air. reorganization.

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