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The History of Aviation


Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines began operations as Huff Daland Duster a crop dusting corporation. The company was based in Monore Louisaian and during the winter it did crop dusting in Peru. In 1927 it received a contract to carry airmail between Peru and Ecuador. Huff Daland Manufacturing the airlines owner sold its crop dusing subsidairy to a Monroe businessman. He renamed the company Delta Air. The company began passenger service between Dallas Texas and Jackson Mississippi. In 1934 Delta won its first air mail contract. In 1941 Delta moved its offices from Monroe to Atlanta. In 1953 Delta merged with Chicago and Southern Airlines. In 1972 it aquireed Northeast Airlines and in 1987 it aquired Western Airlines.In 1991 Delta acquired many of the assets of bankrupt Pan American, including its European routes, its shuttle and many of the aircraft to fly on those routes. Delta struggled by the beginning of the 21st century to compete with low cost carriers. Delta started a low cost subsidiary Song. Rapidly rising fuel cost pushed Delta into bankrupcy in September 2005

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