American Airlines

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The History of Aviation


American Airlines

American Airlines origins lie in a group of small independent airlines carrying mail. One of them Robertson Aircraft of Missouri had begun flying in 1921, and employed Charles Lindbergh. In 1929 The Aviation Corporation was founded and it acquired many small lines. Those acquired included: Colonial Air Transport, Embry Riddle, Southern Air Tranpsort, Universal Air and Interstate. In 1930 the various airlines were consolidated into American Airways, Inc. In 1933 American airlines ordered its first Curtis Condors. On June 25, 1936 American Airlines flew the worlds first commercial DC-3 trip from Chicago to New York. In 1941 American Airlines starting serving Mexico. In 1953 American Airlines began non-stop transcontinental service using DC-7’s. On January 25, 1959 American was the first airline to introduce coast to coast jet service with the introduction of Boeing 707’s. In 1979 American moved its headquarters from New York to Dallas/ Ft Worth. 1981 marked the retirement of the American’s 707 fleet. It also marked the introduction of the AA advantage program, Americans frequent flyer project.

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