Battle of Britain

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The History of Aviation

Word War II

1940 Battle of Britain

After the fall of France, the Luftwaffe quickly assembled a large force to attack Great Britain. A total of 3,500 planes were available. The British had only 700 aircraft against this force. The Germans wer not able, however to acheive air superiority. The British Spitfire was a better aircraft and the German bombers were lightly armed. Between July and October 1940, the Luftwaffe lost 1,733 planes and Royal airforce lost 915. Furthermore most of the English pilots were able to bail out and fight out another day. Damage was heavy to London and other parts England. Germany was not able to sustain the assault and as a results Englands pilots won the day. Winston Churhill summarized the battle well when he stated" Never have so many owed so much to so few".

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