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Time of Arts Culture and Education

January 23 1789 – Father James Carroll found Georgetown University, the first Catholic university in the United States

March 2 1789- The Pennsylvania Legislature Repeals the law outlawing live theater

17 April 1789.  Benjamin Franklin dies at the age of 82.  2,000 attend his funeral making it the largest gathering to date in the United States

1789- William H Brown publishes the Power of Sympathy- the first American Novel

1791- Thomas Paine publishes the first part of the Rights of Man attacking the concept of a monarchy.

1791-John Adams published Discourses of Davila, which represent his views a utopian society ruled by elites

January 1806- Noah Webster of Connecticut published Compendius Dictionary of the English Language

1809 Washington Irving Published his History of New York

Marc Schulman