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shadowshadow > America's Wars > World War II > Battles & Main Events > 1941 > Operation Torch

NOVEMBER 12–15th 1942
Naval Battle Of Guadalcanal
The first part of the battle took place early in the morning hours of the 13th. American cruisers; Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland and Jueau attacked a force of two battleships and support ships. The battle turned into a melee, during the course of it two American cruisers were sunk. The Japanese battleship Hei was so badly damaged that it was sunk the next day by planes. As the American force retired the cruiser Juneau was sunk by a Japanese submarine, taking with it the five Sullivan brothers. The battle continued through the next day with two Japanese cruisers sunk by American planes. Finally on the night of the 14-15 the American battleships Washington and South Dakota met a Japanese force containing the battleship Kirishima. The American force sank the Kiriishma while losing two destroyers. The South Dakota which lost electrical power at a critical moment was badly damaged.

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