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The History of Aviation

History of Airlines

Philipine Airlines

Philippine Airlines was incorporated in February 1941 by a group of Filipino and foreign businessman. It first routwe wsa Manila to Baguio using Beech Model 18. The airline was revived following World War II in 1946 using ex military C-47's. In May 1947 PAL bouth the only other Filipinno airline FEATI. In 1947 the airline began scheduled service to Euope. On 1953 the airline whose major stockholder by then was the Philipino government aquired its first DC-6's. In 1957 PAL aquired the Vicars Viscounts, its first turboprops. In 1962 PAL began transpacific service using DC-8's. In 1966 BAC one eleven jets began to replac the turbo props on domestic routs. In December 12973 the airline was nationalized. In May of 1974 Philipan airlines began replacing its DC-8's with DC-10's. In 1979 it received its first 747's

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