Tajikistan is an emerging democracy with a directly elected President and an independently elected parliament.

Type: Republic.
Independence: September 9, 1991 (from Soviet Union).
Constitution: November 6, 1994.
Branches: Executive--chief of state: President Emomali RAHMONOV since November 6, 1994; head of state and Supreme Assembly chairman since November 19, 1992; head of government: Prime Minister Oqil OQILOV since January 20, 1999. Cabinet: Council of Ministers appointed by the president, approved by the Supreme Assembly. Elections: president elected by popular vote for a 7-year term; election last held November 6, 1999 (next to be held in 2006); prime minister appointed by the president. Election results: Emomali RAHMONOV elected president; percent of vote: Emomali RAHMONOV 96%, Davlat USMONOV 4%. Legislative--bicameral Supreme Assembly or Majlisi Oli consists of the Assembly of Representatives or Majlisi Namoyanandagon (lower chamber; 63 seats; members are elected by popular vote to serve 5-year terms) and the National Assembly or Majlisi Milliy (upper chamber; 33 seats; members are indirectly elected by popular vote to serve 5-year terms, 25 selected by local deputies, 8 appointed by the president; all serve 5-year terms). Elections: last held February 27 and March 12, 2000 for the Assembly of Representatives (next to be held in 2005) and March 23, 2000 for the National Assembly. Election results for Assembly of Representatives, percent of vote by party--PDPT 65%, Communist Party 20%, Islamic Revival 7.5%, other 7.5%. Judicial--Supreme Court, judges are appointed by the president.
Political parties and leaders: Democratic Party or DPT [Mahmadruzi ISKANDDAROV, chairman]; Islamic Revival Party [Said Abdullo NURI]; Social Democratic Party or SDPT [Rahmatullo ZOIROV]; People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan or PDPT [Emomali RAHMONOV]; Tajik Communist Party or CPT [Shodi SHABDOLOV]; Socialist Party of Tajikistan Party or [Mirhusein NARZIEV].
Suffrage: 18 years of age, universal.
Defense (2003 est.): Military manpower (availability)--1,273,700.

President Rahmonov, Emomali
Chmn., National Assembly (upper house) Ubaydulloyev, Makhmadsaid
Chmn., Assembly of Representatives (lower house) Khayrulloyev, Sadullo
Prime Minister Oqilov, Oqil
First Dep. Prime Min. Turajonzoda, Hajji Akbar
Dep. Prime Min.  
Dep. Prime Min. Koimdodov, Kozidavlat
Dep. Prime Min. Sharopova, Nigina
Dep. Prime Min. Vazirov, Zokir
Dep. Prime Min. Zuhurov, Saidamir, Maj. Gen.
Min. of Agriculture Rahmatov, Tursun
Min. of Culture Olimov, Karomatullo
Min. of Defense Khayrulloyev, Sherali, Col. Gen.
Min. of Economy & Trade Soliyev, Hakim
Min. of Education Rajabov, Safarali
Min. of Emergency Situations Ziyoyev, Mirzo
Min. of Energy Yorov, Abdullo
Min. of Environmental Protection Shokirov, Usmonqul
Min. of Finance Najmuddinov, Safarali
Min. of Foreign Affairs Nazarov, Talbak
Min. of Grain Products Uroqov, Bekmurod
Min. of Health Faizulloyev, Nusratullo
Min. of Internal Affairs Sharipov, Khomiddin
Min. of Industry Saidov, Zayd
Min. of Justice Hamidov, Halifabobo
Min. of Labor, Employment, & Social Welfare Musoyeva, Rafiqa
Min. of Land Improvement & Water Economy Nazirov, Abduqohir
Min. of Security Abdurahimov, Khayriddin
Min. of State Revenue and Tax Collections Boboyev, Ghulomjon
Min. of Transport Salimov, Abdujalol
Chmn., State Committee on State Property Gulov, Sherali
Chmn., State Committee on Construction & Architecture Eshmirzoyev, Ismat
Chmn., State Committee on Land Resources & Reclamation Gulmahmadov, Davlatsho
Chmn., State Committee for Oil & Gas Muhabbatov, Salamsho
Chmn., State Committee for Radio & Television Rajabov, Ubaydullo
Sec., Security Council Azimov, Amirkul
Chmn., National Bank Alimardonov, Murodali
Ambassador to the US Zaripov, Khamrokhon
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Alimov, Rashid