Sudan Government  




Sudan is currently a dictatorship. Its parliament was suspended in December 1999.
President al-Bashir, Umar Hasan Ahmad, Lt. Gen.
First Vice President Taha, Ali Osman Mohamed
Second Vice President Machar, Moses Kacoul
Assistant to the President al-Mahdi, Mubarak al-Fadil
Chmn., Bureau of Federal Rule Muhammad, Ali al-Haj
Min. of Agriculture & Forests al-Khalifa, Magzoub
Min. of Animal Resources Gai, Riak
Min. of Cabinet Affairs Arop, Martin Malwal
Min. of Civil Aviation Malwal, Joseph
Min. of Communications & Roads Eila, Mohamed Tahir
Min. of Culture Maged, Abdel Basset Abdel
Min. of Defense Salih, Bakri Hassan Maj. Gen.
Min. of Education Nahar, Ahmed Babiker
Min of Electricity Fartak, Ali Tamim
Min. of Energy & Mining al-Jaz, Awad
Min. of Environment & Urban Planning Tahir, al-Tigani Adam Maj. Gen.
Min. of External Relations Ismail, Mustafa Osman
Min. of External Trade Kasha, Abd al-Hameed Musa
Min. of Federal Relations Suleiman, Ibrahim Gen.
Min. of Federal Rule Nafie, Nafie Ali
Min. of Finance and Planning al-Zubeir, Ahmed Hassan
Min. of Foreign Affairs Ismail, Mustafa Osman
Min. of Health Ballal, Ahmed Dr.
Min. of Higher Education Magzoub, Mubarak
Min. of Industry al-Mutaafi, Abdal Halim
Min. of Industry & Investment Al-Diggeir, Galal Dr.
Min. of Information & Communication Malek, al-Zahawi Ibrahim
Min. of Interior Hussein, Abdelrahim Mohamed, Brig.
Min. of International Cooperation Takana, Yusuf Suleiman
Min. of Irrigation Mohamed, Kamal Ali
Min. of Justice & Prosecutor General Yassin, Ali Mohamed Osman
Min. of Labor Magaya, Alison Manani Maj. Gen. (Ret.)
Min. of Manpower Manani, Alison
Min. for Presidential Affairs Salih, Salah Ahmed Mohamed Maj. Gen.
Min. of Parliamentary Relations Sabdarat, Abd al-Basit
Min. of Religious Endowment al-Bashir, Isam Ahmed
Min. of Roads Ailla, Mohamed Tahir
Min. of Science & Technology Taha, al-Zubeir Bashir
Min. of Sports & Youth Riziq, Hassan Osman
Min. of Tourism & National Heritage al-Basha, Abdel Galil
Min. of Transportation  
Min. of Welfare & Social Planning Mohamed, Samia Ahmed
State Min. of Agriculture Said, al-Fateh Mohamed
State Min. of Cabinet Affairs al-Latief, Kamal Abd
State Min. of Civil Aviation al-Bahi, Mohamed Hassan
State Min. of Culture al-Mugtaba, Siddiq
State Min. of Defense  
State Min. of Education Zeid, Mohamed Abu
State Min. of External Relations Wahab, Nagubal-Kheir Abdel
State Min. of External Relations al-Fadil, al-Tigani
State Min. of External Relations Deng, Chol
State Min. of Federal Rule al-Fadul, Mohamed Ahmed
State Min. of Federal Rule al-Safi, Sulieman Salman
State Min. of Federal Rule Teny, Makwac
State Min. of Finance Al-Hassan, Al-Zubeir Ahmed
State Min. of Finance Aqeel, Ahmed
State Min. of Health Ahmed, Abdalla Sid
State Min. of Industry Osman, Ali Ahmed
State Min. of Information Mustafa, al-Tayeb
State Min. of Internal Affairs al-Aas, Ahmed Mohamed
State Min. of International Cooperation Balouh, Adam
State Min. of Irrigation Abdalla, Osman
State Min. of Justice Karti, Ali Ahmed
State Min. of Science & Technology Hassan, Jamal Mohamed
State Min. of Transport Al-Sheikh, Hassan Musa
State Min. of Youth & Sports Zein, Abd al-Gadir Mohamed
Presidential Adviser for African Affairs Eddin, Ali Hassan Taj
Presidential Adviser for Peace Affairs al-Addin, Ghazi Salah
Presidential Adviser for Political Affairs al-Mahdi, Qutbi
Presidential Adviser for Religious Affairs Alimam, Ahmed Ali
Sec. of the Higher Council for Peace Khalifa, Mohamed al-Amin
Attorney General Yassin, Ali Mohamed Osman
Governor, Central Bank of Sudan Sabir, Muhammad al-Hasan
Charge D'Affairs Haroun, Khidr
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Erwa, el-Fatik Mohamed Ahmed