Lesson Plans and other educational Resources on the Colonial Period in American History

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Educational Resources on Revolutionary War
Below you will find lessons plans, webquests, and teaching resources on the Revolutionary War Period. We have divided those resources between the ones we provide and others we have identified on the web. If you have lesson plans or resources you would like to share, please e-mail me at marc@multied.com If you send ones for us to post we will send you a free CD Rom
HistoryCentral's Resources
Other Resources on the Web
General Revolutionary War
Essential Questions and Lessons Was the American Revolution a Revolution-A series of lesson Plans on the War
Causes of the Revolution- A lesson plan from the California Dept of Education
Through Our Fathers Eyes-- Using art and primary sources to teach the Revolution- 20 lessons for 4th grade
Revolutionary War A series of short lessons with activities from Mountain City Elementary School
American War of Independence- A series of lessons from National Endowment of Humanities
Heroes of the American Revolutionary War- From the National Teachers Institute 5-8
Jeopardy Review of the REvolutionary War-- A class Review similar to the game of Jeopody
Townsend Acts
The American Response- The Circular Letter
Battle of Orisanksy
Battle of Oriskany A lesson based on the National Historic Registry
Declaration of Independence
Watching the Movie 1776 Declaration of Independence - A lesson on the intent of the writers of the Decleration.
Declare the Causes-- The Declaration of Independence- from the National Endownment of the Humanities
Siege of Boston
British Plan of Revolutionary Boston- Using maps this lesson
Paul Reveres Ride
Why Do We Remember Paul Revere- From the National Endowment of the Arts
Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Saratoga- A Lesson from the National Park Service
Bunker Hill
New Amsterdam- A document based lesson using the Charter of Privileges

Bunker Hill- A lesson from the National Park Service

Whites in Your Eyes-A lesson around the Battle of Bunker Hill
Bunker Hill Through Song-From Voices Across Time- Learning American History Through Song
Blunders on All Sides- Lessons based on the Letters of Abigail Adams
Boston Massacre
The Boston Massacre Trial- A lesson based on the Boston Massacre trial.
A Question of Justice: The Boston Massacre- A five class lesson on the Boston Massacre
Stamp Tax
Getting the News About the Stamp Tax- From the Library of Congress-using Colonial Newspapers to learn about the Stamp Tax
Was the Stamp Act Fair?- A series of lessons on the Stamp Act from the University of Maryland