The period is known as Reconstruction- the reconstruction of the South after the Civil War. Most of it was not physical and much of the politics surronded the rights of the former slaves. It was a time however, also of scientific advancement and industrial advancement.

1865 13th Amendment

1866 Tennessee Readmited to the Union

1866 Black Codes

1867 Reconstruction Act

1867 14th Amendment

1867 Alaska Purchase

1868 Battle of Beecher Island

1868 Impeachement of Johnson

1869 15th Amendment

1869 Transcontinental Railway

1869 Battle Black Kettle Island

1869 Black Friday

1869 Women Granted Rigth to Vote in Wyoming

1870 Standard Oil Founded

1871 Treaty of Washington

1871 Chicago Fire

1871 Boss Tweed Corruption

1872 Battle of Skull Mountain

1873 Economic Panic of 1873

1875 Resumption of Specie Act

1875 Civil Rights Act

1876 Telephone Invented

1876 Centennial Exposition

1876 Gold Discovered in Dakotas

1876 Custer Killled in Battle of Little Bighorn

1877 Battle of Wolf Mountain

1877 End of Reconstruction