Custer Killed in Battle of the Little Big Horn

On June 25th, 1876 in Dakota territory, at the Little Big Horn, General Custer and all 256 of his troops were killed. The defeat of Custer in the Battle of the Little Big Horn was the last Indian victory.

The discovery of gold in the Black Hills of Dakota guaranteed clashes between the Indians, who owned the land, and the white men, who wanted the gold. The Sioux insisted that this was their land, which was the case under an 1868 treaty.

The US army ignored the treaty and attempted to force the Indians into a small reservation. When they refused, President Grant ordered that they be rounded up and forced onto the reservation.

General Custer led a column of soldiers on an expedition to the Little Big Horn rivers. There, he discovered what he thought was a native Indian village. He had no idea how large it was and was under the mistaken impression that there were only 800 Indian braves in the area. His greatest concern was that the Indians should not get away. Custer ordered a detachment led by Major Marcus Reno to lead the attack on the village. When Reno realized the size of the village he was attacking he had his men take up defensive positions. They were soon attacked by thousands of braves, and they were forced to withdraw under heavy fire .It turned out that he that in village and surrounding encampments of over 12,000 Sioux Lakota and Cheyenne, under the leadership of Crazy Horse. With Reno's force no longer a threat the Indians counter-attacked and killed all 256 of Custer's troops, including Custer himself.