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Ostfriesland BB

(BB: dp. 24,500 (f.); 1. 546'; b. 93'3"; dr. 29'6"; s. 21 k.; cpl. 1150; a. 12 12", 14 5.9", 6 19.7" tt.)

Ostfriesland, a German battleship built at Wilhelmshaven Germany in 1908, launched in September 1909, eommissionel in the Imperial German Navy in May 1911; surrendered to the Allies following World War I; was taken over by the U. S. Navy and commissioned 7 April 1920 at Rosyth, Scotland, Capt. J. F. Hellweg in command.

Though in need of repairs, the ship managed to sail to New York where she deeomulissioned 20 September 1920. Ostfries1and, with several other ex-German warships, became targets for a demonstration of air power. Bombed by Army planes from Langley Field in Va., she was sunk 21 July 1921 about 60 miles off the Viriginia Capes.