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Norwalk AK-279

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(AK-279: dp. 9,800 (It.), 1. 455'; b. 62', dr. 28'6", s. 17 k. cpl. 89; cl. Norwalk)

Norwalk (AK-279) was built in 1945 as Norwalic Victorv (MCV hull 696) under Maritime Commission contract at Oregon Shipbuilding Corp., Portland, Ore.; chartered under Government Agency Agreement contracts until assigned to James River Reserve Fleet 21 October 1957, transferred to the Navy 10 October 1962 and towed to New Orleans; converted and designated Norwalk (AK-279), accepted by Military Sea Transportation Service 30 December 1963, for sernce as USNS Norwalk (T-AK-279).

Converted to a fleet ballistic missile resupply ship and manned by a civil service crew, Norwalk made her first voyage early in 1964 to Holy Loeh, Scotland. Her regular assignment remains into 1970 the transportation of missile components and ship's stores from Charleston, S.C. to submarine tenders at Holy Loch.