The Korean War

The Korean War is the forgotten war of the 20th century. Maybe it was because it took place so soon after the end of of World War II, or maybe because it ended in a stalemate and to this day that stalemate has not been resolved. For whatever reason it was a war that no great movie(other then the TV show Mash) were done about it, there was never much discussion about it. But for the 5,720,000 US troops who served, of which 36,995 died and another 103,235 were wounded it was every bit a war. .

1950 The Causes

1950 The Invasion

1950 Washington Responds

1950 Task Force Smith

1950 Deployment

1950 Walker US Commander

1950 Pusan

1950 Inchon

1950 Operation Killer

1950 Seoul Recaptured

1950 The Push North

1951 Chinese Intervene

1951Chinese Counteroffiensive

1951 Chosin Reservoir

1951 Ridgeway Takes Command

1951 The Line Stabalizes

1951 Operation Roundup

1951 Operation Ripper

1951 MacArthur Fired

1951-53 Stalemate

1951-53 Peace Talks Begin

1954 Peace Agreement