WWII Sheet

No one book, CD-ROM, or film can capture the breadth and depth of the war that defined this century. Combining hundreds of photographs, scores of video clips and primary source documents, our World War II CD offers a beginning; a comprehensive overview; a place to start to chronicle and understand a war too vast to comprehend.

The program covers the important events and personalities of WW II; from the events leading up to the war through the Atomic bombing of Hirsohima and Nagasaki– as well as covering the significant events in the Destruction of European Jewry.

A complete section details the causes of the war. Each of the major events leading up to the war both in Europe and in Asia are presented.

The chronology section presents information on the major battles of the war. From the Battle of Midway to the Battle of Bulge; the major engagements in both the Pacific and Europe are covered. The Major naval battles of the war are covered as well.

The History Maker section provides biographies of all the major political and military leaders. There is a special ten-minute multimedia biography of President Roosevelt.
A special section chronicles major events in the Holocaust– the destruction of European Jewry.

Video clips can be accessed either from the Main Chronology (on the relevant event entry) or from the video section menu. The program’s video selections vividly bring to the screen reality of some of the major events of the war.

There is a section that covers the effects of the war on the United States. It covers economics, daily life and the effect of the war on various ethnic groups.

The document section includes important works, such as the American Declaration of war and the major address of President Roosevelt.