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Zara SP-133

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(Steam Yacht: t. 184 (gross); 1. 152'0"; b. 21'6"; dr.
11' (aft); s. 10 k.; cpl. 62; a. 2 6-pdrs., 2 mg.)

Zara (SP-133)—a steam yacht built in 1891 by Fleming & Ferguson at Paisley, Scotland—was purchased by the Navy from Mr. David H. Friedman of New York on 27 April 1917 and commissioned at New York on 22 May 1917. Assigned to the section patrol in the 3d Naval District, she cruised the waters of Long Island Sound for almost a year. She was placed out of commission on 13 April 1918 and put up for sale. Though her name was struck from the Navy list on 1 May 1918, Zara was retained to serve as guard vessel at White Stone near the western entrance to Long Island Sound. She was finally sold on 13 September 1919 to an unrecorded buyer.