1993-Contin ued
17 February The Aircraft Carrier Memorial, a 10-ft.
black obelisk honoring those who served aboard U.S
carriers, was dedicated at NAS North Island, San
Diego, Calif.
25 February John F Kennedy battle group entered
the Adriatic in support of Operation Provide
Promise-the UN effort to supply Bosnia-Herzegovina
with food and supplies.
4 March
Constellation departed Philadelphia Naval
Pa., the fifth and last carrier to complete
17 March Saipan ARG sailed from the East Coast to
relieve Guam in the Adriatic in support of Operation
Provide Promise-the UN effort to supply Bosnia-
Herzegovina with food and supplies.
18 March Kitty Hawk battle group was relieved by
Nimitz battle group and headed for home, after having
operated in the Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf and
participated in Operations Restore Hope and Southern
23 March The ARG centered around Wasp arrived off
Somalia to support UN relief efforts in Operation
Restore Hope. Marine helicopters and Harriers from
HMM-263 embarked on Wasp flew sorties in support of
Marines in Somalia.
31 March Two VQ-2 EP-3E aircraft were on station
over the Adriatic providing crucial support to the de-
livery of humanitarian air drops over eastern Bosnia-
Herzegovina in Operation Provide Promise.
1 April Sea Strike Wing One was redesignated Sea
Control Wing LANT. The Air Antisubmarine Squadrons
were redesignated Sea Control Squadron; the short
designator "VS" was retained. The name change re-
flected the broader and all-encompassing VS mission,
particularly in light of the increased multi-mission ver-
satility of the S-3B aircraft.
8 April Tripoli amphibious task force arrived in Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii, after a five-month deployment in sup-
port of Operation Restore Hope-the UN effort to re-
lieve mass starvation in Somalia. During the support,
task force units recovered 30,000 pieces of ordnance
and disposed of more than 100,000 pounds of explo-
sives collected from caches throughout the Somali
countryside; launched more than 2000 aircraft sorties
from Tripoli and Juneau (LPD 10); delivered more
than 175,000 meals and 25,000 gallons of water.
Tripoli off the coast of Mogadishu, Somalia.