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Israeli History
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Israeli Politics
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The worlds most prolific historian provides an overview of Israel's history.

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A Journalist provides a perspective on 50 years of Israel's history

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Amos Oz one of Israel's leading authors presents an overview of the people and land of Israel.


A one volume histoy of the State of Israel from the rise of Zionism to the present day.

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Secret War Against the Jews: The Shocking Story of Israel's Betrayal by the Western Powers by Loftus, John

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From Ancient times throught the 50 years of Israel's existince this book tells Israel's story through maps

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An illustrated atlas of all the major battles in the Isarel from Meggido to present times.

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The classic work by Moses Hess - Rome and Jersualem

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The classic story of Israel's founding as seen trough events in Jerusalem

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A look at the last two year of Britains mandate in Palestian as seen through the eyes of a British soldier.


The story of the first year of Israe by one of Israel's leading journalists.

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A look back at the story of Lavon Affair- the Israeli spys in Egypt

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Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Arendt, Hannah

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A historical overview of the relations between Israel and the Nations of Israel

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Yoram Peri edits an academic review of the Assasination of Rabin and its aftermath

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The story of the assaination of Yitzhak Rabin

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The story of extremism in Israel from the time of Independence to the Rabin Assasination

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Trial and Error: Israel's Route from War to De-Escalation by Levy, Yagil

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