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A counterattack against the critics of Zionism and Israel.

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Wars, Internal Conflicts, and Political Order: A Jewish Democracy in the Middle East by Barzilai, Gad

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Moshe Dayan's personal assistant tells the story of Israel's war with Egypt in 1956

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One of Israel's best known writers Amos Elon tell the story of the Arab-Israeli conflict

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This is the first study to introduce the subject of Arab-Jewish relations and encounters in Israel from both conflict resolution and educational perspectives.


Intimate Enemies: Jews and Arabs in a Shared Land by Benvenisti, Meron

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Meron Benvenisti presents a tour of the remains of Arab villages that were abandoned during the War of Independence

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An excellent look at the innards of the Isareli society and the effect of the effect of the Arab Israeli conflict on the society.

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Norman Finkelstein gives a first hand account of the Intifada

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A Look at what a Palestinian state is liley to look like

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One of Israel's leading writers desribes the 1987 Intifada

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Benny Morris presents a somewhat revisionist overview of the History of Arab Israeli conflict

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Israel's former Prime Minister gives his worldview.

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Itamar Rabinovich tells the story of Israels peace efforts

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The author argues that the cultural and religious similarities between Arabs and Israelis should be the foundation of lasting peace rather than grounds for permanent opposition

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A Bridge Across the Jordan Tells the Story of a Friendship ...

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