This has been the bloodiest century in human history. The 20th Century dawned with great hope for progress and peace. Many of those hopes were dashed by the blood baths of World War I and World War II, with hundreds of regional conflicts, not as massive, yet no less deadly for their victims. World History of the 20th century brings the stories of tragedy and triumph of this century to your computer in a new and innovative way.

The Program Includes:
Six fully Narrated Regional Chronologies
Extentive World Atlas
1000 Photographs and Drawings
200 HistoryMaker™ Biographies
300 Primary Source Documents

The core of the program is its REGIONAL CHRONOLOGIES— separate timelines for each continent. These timelines take you to individual entries on the major events. From each event you can instantly access other continental timelines, helping to understand the relations between events in different parts of the world. Every event entry is linked to the ATLAS, where you can learn about the country where that event took place.

Many event entries include links to the
PEOPLE section, so you can find out more about the individuals who were central to that event. Finally, most event entries include BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES, so you can further investigate the subject.

Whether it is the signing of the infamous Munich Agreement, or the Indian- Pakistan War, this program helps visualize the many events of this century in new and unique ways. Learn about the events, the causes, and the people involved.

Nearly 100 of the chronicled events include
VIDEO CLIPS, enabling you to see history as it occurred. A special screen allows you to see all of the video clips in the program from one place.

An overall
WORLD CHRONOLOGY integrates the events that took place on different continents. Country entries include maps, information on country history, statistics, economy, as well as links to major events in the 20th century.

You can access the
BIOGRAPHY section, with the stories of 200 of the most important people of the century, either from the ATLAS section or from each of the TIMELINES.

Special sections on
WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II bring to the screen bloodiest years of the century.